Friday's Menu Options

Vege Lasagna

Our Lasagana is prepared with our home made tomato sauce made with Vege-Burger (Vegan Vegetarian)  layered with pasta, tofu, spinach and cashew pimento cheese. This dish can be purchased by itself or served with your choice of starch, and two vegetables for a mouth watering meal.

Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

Our Home made spaghetti is the best! It is made with our finest herbs and seasonings along with granualated beef like soy granules that gives the texture of ground burger (meatless). We include some of our signature cashew pimento cheese sauce (non-dairy) for a spicy cheesy delicious flavor. The flavor surpass anything you've ever tasted. This dish is served with our home made garlic bread made with fresh garlic, parsley and Smart Balance margarine. Enjoy it along with tossed salad for a full balanced meal.

Swiss Stake or Dinner Stake

Swiss Steak or Dinner Stake are Vegetarian meat analogues produced by Worthington and Cedar Lake. These two products have egg white so they are not Vegan. They are served with a tomato gravy with your choice of starch and two vegetables for wonderfully balanced meal.

House Special
Bean Soup

Our Bean Soup can be made from 4-6 different dry beans and peas cooked together. It is cooked with potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, pasta, onion, coconut milk, soy chunks and other herbs and seasonings for a complete meal. It is served with our signature Better Living Johnny Bread.

Vegetarian Curry

Our Vegetarian Curry is made with carrots, potatoes, zucchini, onions, green pepper, celery, coconut milk, tumerik and other herbs and seasonings along with chunks of Worthington Tender Bits (Vegan Vegetarian). This dish is served with your choice of starch; brown rice or mashed potato. Your choice of two side vegetables makes a balance meal.